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Are Your Wages Being Garnished? Here are Five Important Things You Should Know

What is a notice of federal tax lien

The best way to stop wage garnishments is to hire someone who can help you find the best way to pay back the IRS. They will not stop trying to get the money you own them, so the best thing to do is take care of is as soon as possible before you have to ask questions like what is a notice of federal tax lien. Here are a few more facts that you should know.

1. Wage garnishment, the most common type of garnishment, is the process by which money is deducted from the monetary compensation of an employee, this can and often does include salary, as a way to regain back IRS tax that the employee owes. Wage garnishments are never the f

Benefits of Backlit Keyboards

Low profile keyboard

Did you know that the longest word that can be typed using only one row of a keyboard is TYPEWRITER? A normal keyboard is a device that uses an arrangement of keys or buttons in a typewriter style. Keyboards are used via laptops, desktops and now even on some smart phones and tablets. A backlit keyboard however, is the next step up. A backlit keyboard is a keyboard that lights up the buttons from under the keyboard, allowing the buttons to be more visible, or more dominant.

Illuminated keyboards vary on their quality, style, and features, which plays into the cost of a backlit keyboard. Many times these backlit keyboards are us

Want to Know the Top Five Twitter Secrets? Read Here and Gain Followers

Twitter marketing tools

Did you know that 32% of all online users are on Twitter? It now takes about a week for a billion tweets to occur. If you are trying to build up your follower list as a business or an individual, you might have realized that the going is more tough than you might imagine. Your tweets might be funny, but so are the tweets of several million other users. How can you rise above the noise? Here are five free Twitter tips to help you out.

1. Be Original

If you want to be the person posting hilarious one liners to Twitter, that is great. But they have to come from you. Not only is it easy to double check if you are ripping off of someone else, but originality sells. Potential readers can sense that your humor is more canned than fresh. Our Twitter secrets include drawing from your own lif

Provide Benefits for Employee Satisfaction

Small business health coverage

The Canadian healthcare system has often been touted as one of the most successful in the world. It also provides many benefits for employee bases. The cost of health care in most of Canada is paid through funding from income taxes. Canadian health care is delivered via a publicly funded health care system. This system, including the benefits for employee participants is generally free. Most of the services are provided by private entities. Additionally, the country has a publicly funded Medicare system, again with the majority of the services being provided by the private sector.

Other benefits for employee sectors include the fact that there are no deductibles on basic health care services. Additionally, the co pays are either non existent or extremely low. Part of the overall Canadian heal

Where You Are Moving to Next


There are a lot of people who are moving right now. A lot of these people are college students. Some of them are just families looking for new opportunities on the outskirts of Houston, or Dallas or maybe Minneapolis. Opportunities for people who are willing to seek them out still abound. And that is why 6.7 million people moved in the last year.

But surprising as it may sound, approximately one third of all Americans never move in their entire lives. College graduates are much more likely to move than non college graduates, but people in the military, or undergoing a military move travel from one place to another quite frequently.

In spite of the fact that all moving companies have to provide liability insurance for the products they are transportin

Searching For A Job In Sales?

Sales and marketing headhunters

Are you looking to change career paths? Are you thinking that you may be perfect for a career in sales? A recruitment agency may be hiring sales reps in an area right near you! A recruitment firm looks for people that are outgoing, full of drive and initiative, and ready to sell, sell, sell!

Becoming a sales rep comes with expectations and responsibilities. Since 40 percent of sales professionals in North America miss quota and 22 percent are ultimately untrainable, recruitment agencies are looking to improve these statistics by hiring compatible new sales people. If you do not have any prior experience in sales, do