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Home Space Heaters Fires Kill Hundreds Per Year

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Are space heaters safe? The United States Fire Administration (USFA) reports that four in five household heating fire deaths result from portable or stationary space heaters. Don’t risk your life — and the lives of loved ones — this winter. Safely and efficiently use space heaters with the following tips:

Carefully Inspect Space Heaters’ Electrical Wiring

Damaged electrical cords, including fraying and chewed cords, can easily start a fire. With 53,600 reported residential heating fires causing an estimated 400 civilian deaths in 2011, a yearly inspection of stowed space heaters is not something to take lightly.

It is especially important for homeowners to assess heating equipment for wire damage after taking it out of storage. Regular checks and maintenance, however, also go a long way. R

What to Do When You Visit Denver

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Denver, Colorado is a major city in the Rocky Mountains of the United States. One of the biggest cities between Los Angeles and New York City, Denver is the home to many major attractions and is commonly cited as one of the top tourist destinations in America. Interestingly, many people go on a Denver tour when they visit Denver, as it helps to get a general idea of what to see in the city.

Although it is not a big part of Denver tours, the Denver airport is a major site to see in Denver. It is the biggest airport in the United States, and there are many historical sites throughout the airport that honor the culture of the city throughout its time. As it is the 23rd most populous city in the U.S.A., Denver events are generally among the b

What Options Are Out There For Children With Learning Disabilities?

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Children with learning disabilities in school will feel frustrated and discouraged by their lack of progress in comparison to other children, but it’s not their fault. Just because they have a more difficult time in school doesn’t mean they can’t have the same success, if not more, than other students. The problem is that most schools don’t address their needs creating an uneven playing field, which will often make things more difficult than they already are.

Thankfully, there are special needs schools, where children with learning disabilities in school will benefit from additional educational services like unique approaches to teaching special needs, use of technology, a specifically adapted teaching area, or even a resource room.

RE/MAX Alliance in Virginia Beach Virginia


RE/MAX Alliance

4701 Columbus St

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462


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Whether you are moving locally, across the country or around the world, RE/MAX Alliance can assist you with all your real estate needs, either personally or through the worldwide RE/MAX Referral Network. Put your trust in this dynamic real estate company. They are eager for the opportunity to serve you.

The Benefits of a Phone Answering Service

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Not every business can reasonably have a full-time receptionist available to field calls and schedule appointments. Fortunately, there are phone answering services that can be used in lieu of a secretary. A live operator answering service can work with a company to handle their calls precisely the way the company wants.

A company with extended hours or business in other time zones actually benefits the most from virtual secretary services. Plus, sometimes virtual receptionist services can capture appointments that would otherwise be lost. For instance, if a customer called in and no one was by the phone, they might look elsewhere. With a live operator answering service, the customer will be taken ca

Learn How to save Money Each Year by Changing the Motor Oil of Your Vehicle Yourself

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Motor oil is a valuable resource that can be recycled because it doesn’t wear out, it only gets dirty. In fact, the oil produced from a typical automobile oil change is so dirty that it could ruin a million gallons of freshwater. Regularly changing the motor oil in the engine of a vehicle is one of the best ways to keep an engine running smoothly. You can buy motor oil almost anywhere like at local corner stores, big grocery stores, and of course gas stations and auto repair shops. A good way to save money on motor oil, is to buy motor oil online in bulk.

Changing your own motor oil can save you a ton of money. Various motor oil types exist, depending on the different levels o