A BES Policy Is Essential

Blackberry mobile device management

Did you know that there are approximately 77 million BlackBerrys in use around the world as of December 2012? BlackBerry is actually known to be a leader in the enterprise mobile computing world, whereas its competitors, Android based phones and iOS devices, are generally considered more consumer side. And in today’s world, more and more consumers are brining their Blackberries to work, especially with the rise of BYOD (bring your own device) polices. In fact, BlackBerry’s parent company, Research In Motion, is hoping that the BYOD (bring your own device) trend will help boost sales of the new BlackBerry 10, due out in January 2013.

The blending of personal and work related devices has numerous advantages for companies and employees, allowing employees to more easily connect to work when out of the office. For example, 70 percent of smartphone users regularly check their work email outside of normal business hours. However, companies need to have mobile device management policies in place, such as BlackBerry mobile device management policies. Fully one quarter of companies allow BYOD but do not have any kind of management system in place and a third of employees who use a personal mobile device for work say that their company’s data is not encrypted or secure. This could have catastrophic implications. For example, imagine a company phone was lost or stolen from an employee that contained confidential company information. Anyone could easily gain access. A proactive BYOD policy requires users to lock and password protect their mobile devices, and also enables remote locking and wiping of secure company data in the event that the mobile device is lost.

In regards to BlackBerries, it can also be a good idea to look into a BES policy. BES stands for “Blackberry Enterprise Server”. A Bes policy pertains to this BES software that allows a blackberry to get email from a corporate network. This BES security policy basically gives corporate IT management and security control of blackberry devices, facilitating BES policy management. This Bes policy helps to control process of setting security policies that require users to have passwords or change their passwords, as well as other settings, such as the ability to install third party apps. A BES policy can help your company to secure employee information and subsequently, company information. Overall, BES policy is essential in regards to employee BlackBerries. Ger more information on this topic here.

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