BYOD Policies Can Create Secure and Fluid Workplaces

Ipad management

Chances are, you have probably heard the term BYOD before, but you probably are not aware of its definition. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is the practice of permitting employees to bring their own computing devices, for example, smartphones and tablets, to work for use on the corporate network. 25 percent of companies that allow BYOD do not actually have a good iphone and iPad security policy in place. This is a shame, because as the boundaries between work and personal time continue to blur, an iPhone device management solution generated and enforced by businesses with BYOD policies, can magnify the beneficial aspects of 21st century flexible workplaces, while maintaining iPhone and iPad security for corporations.

A cloud based BYOD solution streamlines documentation allowing for more fluid access to information, giving employees access to work related documents and communications any time and anywhere, while keeping ironclad iPad security and iphone security frameworks in place. So too can apple mobile device management initiatives allow for a higher level of employee transparency. These iPhone and iPad security policies are beneficial to both management and worker. By breaking down the barriers between the workplace and other areas of life, employees are provided the freedom they need to attend to personal issues while still being connected to work. Because 70 percent of smartphone owners check company email outside of ordinary business hours, this type of flexibility facilitated by a strong iPone and iPad security initiative creates a win win situation for everyone.

One of the biggest obstacles to implementing an iPad and iPhone enterprise management solution fear of iPad security breaches. This fear is not unfounded, as 47 percent of organizations allowing BYOD have had an iPhone or iPad security issue as a result. This may be why 66 percent of employees would prefer that their corporate IT departments choose their mobile devices, thus unburdening the employee of the responsibility for iPhone and iPad security. However, mobile device management has its own advantages in regards to workplace iPad security.

For example, if an employee, like 9 percent of all iPhone owners, drops her mobile device in the toilet, iPhone enterprise management software will dump sensitive data right away. A BYOD solution to iPhone and iPad security breaches has the advantage of being enforced remotely. A well constructed iPhone and iPad security solution can be even more effective than traditional security policies in the long run. Read more articles like this.

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