Channel 4 Weather

I was sitting at the dimly lit bar of Malones bar and grille, idly staring at the chanel 4 Buffalo weather when I got the call.
“Jack, hop in the van now and haul over to Kenmore as fast as you can! We got a murder to cover,” the voice of Jim Schapeiro blared into my ear. I finished my small glass of whiskey and pounded it on the bar, telling the pretty young waitress I would be back for my tab.
She gave me a quirky smirk and asked, “Mind if I change the TV from Buffalo channel 4 while you are gone, Spielberg?”
“I dont direct, I shoot,” I said. It sounded much more suave in my head than it did aloud, but she giggled at it, so it didnt matter much.
I grabbed my Buffalo channel 4 camera bag from the seat next to me and rushed out of the dark bar to be blinded by the too invasive light of day. Hopping up into the Buffalo channel 4 van, I threw the car into reverse and sped for the address Jim had given me. I thought about how I worked for channel 4 Buffalo NY for far too long. I wondered when my career would really take off. When I would finally get a contract to shoot a full length documentary about something important. Upon rumination, I reasoned I was fortunate to no longer be working the channel 4 weather Buffalo loathes so much.
Before I knew it, I arrived at the crime scene. Naturally, I fell into the rapid rhythm of rating based reporting: running, yelling, unpacking the Buffalo channel 4 camera bag, setting up the Buffalo channel 4 gear, watching Jim fervently slick his hair; the usual.
“You are on!” I hollered and Jim began his spiel.
“Jim Schapeiro here first with Buffalo channel 4. Local Kenmore resident and well known bar owner, Vincent J. Cattone was found dead in his home this morning. The 62 year old entrepreneur seems to have suffered lethal blunt force injuries. Police found him dead in his home at 11 AM.”
I froze. Vinnie was the owner of Malones. My own personal friend and mentor. An all around good guy. Who would want to kill him? As I zoned out with my eyes fixed on the Buffalo channel 4 logo, I decided that I must find out.

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