Do Christmas Lights Pose Risks of Electrical Fires?

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It’s that time of year. People are decorating, purchasing gifts, and making plans with family. What many people do not realize is that the holiday season and Christmas trees also mean a dramatic increase in home and office electrical fires. In fact, every year, 260 Christmas trees catch fire, kill 12 people, and leave households with up to $16.4 million worth of property damage. What simple tools can prevent electrical accidents and injures at home and in a professional setting?

Rubber Grommets and Industrial Handles

Keeping wires, cables, and electrical circuits safe depends on insulation and sometimes even on separation. Rubber grommets, for instance, insulate and protect wires by redirecting them away from sharp edges and corners. Grommets can be circular or oblong. When used for industrial or manufacturing purposes, large and small rubber grommets typically withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. Household grommets, or desk grommets, made also be made out of hard plastics, and can be used to protect electronics on or near desks and furniture.

Industrial handles, similarly, give homeowners and workers a safe means of lifting and transporting equipment. Industrial handles are available in a number of different styles, shapes, and sizes. Most importantly, these handles help workers grip equipment, without worrying about sharp edges or electrical currents.

Nylon Fasteners

Insulation, however, is not the only concern. In order to remain safe from electrical fires, accidents, and injury, homeowners and workers also depend on securely fastening wires, electrical parts, and electrical equipment. Nylon fasteners typically prevent rust, chemical wear, and vibrations better than their metal counterparts. Most importantly, nylon screws, bolts, and fasteners give consumers a means of quickly and efficiently taking apart electronics and putting them back together.

Christmas does not just bring holiday cheer. Homeowners need to be especially careful and mindful of wiring and potential electrical hazards. Workers can use grommets, handles, and nylon fasteners to keep electrical parts and equipment safe. Read more blogs like this.

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