Do You Own a Car? Here are Five Facts That You Need to Know About Tow Trucks

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If you own a car, then the chances are that it has broken down in the past at some point. If you live in the Anaheim area and you own a car, then here are a few facts that you should know before you need to look into towing anaheim.

1. Most vehicles are usually towed in the case of breakdowns or collisions. However, you might need to hire a tow truck Anaheim for a number of other reasons as well.

2. Some cities or states require tow truck drivers to have a tow truck license, which typically involves having a valid non commercial drivers license and paying a fee. It might be a good idea, before you need to hire someone to tow your car, to check and see if the tow truck drivers in your area are required to have any kind of certification.

3. The Towing and Recovery Association of America is estimated to include more than 35,000 towing businesses in the United States and as more people purchase and drive cars, this number is expected to just keep rising.

4. Tow truck operators are a critical part of highway incident management since they move disabled cars and are paramount in preventing further accidents and crashes..

5. Did you know that the towing industry employs an estimated 60,073 people in the United States? As cars in the country are not expected to suddenly begin to work better and not end up in crashes, this number will probably not be going down in the near future.

2 Responses to Do You Own a Car? Here are Five Facts That You Need to Know About Tow Trucks

  1. Eugene Boyd says:

    i bought a car not too long ago and one of the things that i had to deal with a bunch as a result of it was tow trucks and the guys who drive them. turns out the car i bought had thrown a rod and it kept failing. grrr.

  2. Earl Guzman says:

    that sucks. that is one of the reasons that i have been wary of bying used cars for a long time. the first couple that i ever owned did not really treat me all that well. i know that buying th used ones is important though

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