Dog Health Problems

Pug health

There are a number of common dog health problems to watch for in your faithful Fido, some of which can be ascertained visually or by the dog’s behavior. Other dog health problems must be discovered through regular veterinarian visits. By keeping regular visits to the vet, you can catch these dog health problems before they take significant tolls on your dog’s quality of life. Some of the most common dog health problems include ear infections, worms, fleas, “hot spots”, vomiting, and diarrhea. While vomiting and diarrhea may be symptoms of a larger health problem, it is always a good idea to get the pup checked out before making a diagnosis or writing it off as “eating something bad”. “Hot spots” are a skin irritation that affect dogs, also known as acute moist dermatitis. Hot spots may also be indicative of a different or larger problem, including worms, fleas, and ear problems.

While overall dog health is an important concern, pug health problems are in a class all their own. Due to pugs’ genetics, there are a number of health issues that affect this breed in particular. These health issues include alopecia (or hair loss), arachnoid cysts, Legg Perthes Disease, and Demodex Mange, just to name a few. A majority of these health issues, if not all of them, are a result of the genetic makeup of the pug breed. For this reason, any prospective pet owner should seriously consider all aspects of pug ownership before committing to the care of one. Pugs often require frequent visits to the vet, medication, and other medical assistance, which may not be conducive to your family’s lifestyle. Pugs also shed more than the average dog, are more difficult to housetrain, and are classified as “low activity” dogs. This translates to saying that they may not be the first choice for a young family or a young couple looking to own a pet.

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