Home Space Heaters Fires Kill Hundreds Per Year

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Are space heaters safe? The United States Fire Administration (USFA) reports that four in five household heating fire deaths result from portable or stationary space heaters. Don’t risk your life — and the lives of loved ones — this winter. Safely and efficiently use space heaters with the following tips:

Carefully Inspect Space Heaters’ Electrical Wiring

Damaged electrical cords, including fraying and chewed cords, can easily start a fire. With 53,600 reported residential heating fires causing an estimated 400 civilian deaths in 2011, a yearly inspection of stowed space heaters is not something to take lightly.

It is especially important for homeowners to assess heating equipment for wire damage after taking it out of storage. Regular checks and maintenance, however, also go a long way. Residents should replace heaters with chewed or worn electrical cords right away. Consumers can prevent future damage by purchasing cable glands, desk grommets, and cable ties. Each product insulates and protects electrical wiring, significantly decreasing the likelihood of fires and accidents. Cable glands, for example, fit over ends of cables to safely connect electrical cords to equipment. Cable glands provide necessary insulation and prevent potentially dangerous loose connections. Rubber grommets reroute wiring away from desk ledges and swinging doors. Keep in mind that opening doors over wires will lead to eventual wear.

Keep Objects at a Safe Distance

Objects placed too close to space heaters will catch fire. Prevent fires, and serious burns, smoke inhalation, and injuries, by positioning space heaters at least three feet away from decor, appliances, and furnishings. Be especially careful not to place portable heaters near upholstery, bedding, mattresses, and clothing.

Turn Heaters Off Before Bed

Finally, consumers should remember to turn off space heaters before bed. The USFA reminds residents that leaving heaters on overnight may be a fatal mistake. Consumers should also remember never to plug space heaters into extension cords and power strips.

Don’t risk a fire in your home this winter. Keep space heaters safe and efficient by closely inspecting wiring, consciously positioning units, and turning off heaters before retiring for the night. Continue your research here: www.alliance-express.com

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