How Can You Find Artwork That Compliments the Design Elements of Your Home? Three Tips

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Did you know that in 1961, in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, a painting by Henri Matisse hung upside down for 46 days before curators realized their mistake and put it right side up? Maybe it looked better that way. It is no secret to home owners that artwork can enhance a room; on the flip side, poorly chosen artwork can detract. How can you ensure that the art you purchase is going to work with the design elements of your home? Here are three tips.

1. Living Room Artwork is an Accent Piece

Are you familiar with the 60% 30% 10% color proportion of design? Most rooms will look best if their three main colors are partitioned out to these percentages. The last, or 10%, is typically the accent pieces in the room. These includes items such as lampshades, trim, and artwork. Art is an accent piece; in other words, you don’t want the art to blend into the walls or the furniture. If you have used red as your accent color, look for an art piece that makes use of many warm hues. The entire painting or photograph doesn’t need to be red; this simply has to be a dominant and noticeable aspect of the overall composition.

2. Find Everyday Object Art

When we think of art, our minds typically fly to canvases and watercolors that we hang on the walls. However, there are many skilled artists in the world working on less traditional surfaces. Create an eyecatching visual by investing in decorative wall tiles, dining room area rugs, or wall curio cabinets that artists have turned into one-of-a-kind pieces for your living space. Not surprisingly, furniture stores are picking up on this trend and often feature tasteful, unique items that will compliment any room in your home.

3. Living Room Artwork: Invest in Quality

It’s easy to impulse buy when it comes to art, especially because so many pieces are the only one of their sort. However, one thing to consider is the lasting quality of the materials. Prints, for example, are more affordable, but can sometimes fade over time, especially if they are produced on lower quality paper. Similarly, if you are buying canvassed artwork, check to make sure the canvas is stretched tight over the wooden dowels. A loose canvas will cause your painting to buckle and flake.

What wall art for living rooms have you considered? Good references here.

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