How to Choose the Right Dentist

Have you ever heard of odontophobia? It is a phobia of going to the dentist as defined by the Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Apparently many Americans (as many a 100 million in fact) neglected to go to the dentist last year. Are that many American adults suffering from odontophobia? Or are they simply unsure of which dentist reviews and dentist office reviews to trust?

Selecting a dentist that is right for you is more involved than just reading online dentist office reviews; choosing a dentist is a multi stepped process. First, what type of dentist and specialist are you looking for? A general dentist? An orthodontist? A pediatric dentist? Or maybe an oral surgeon? Is the doctor accredited and licensed in your state? What is their training? Where is the office located? Is it convenient to get to? What are their hours? Do they offer emergency hours? Last but not least, what type of insurance do they accept and what type of payment plans do they offer? This is very important because a lot of dental visits require out of pocket expenses.

As you can see there are a host of factors to consider. When you have narrowed down your requirements, online dentist office reviews can be a great source of candid advice. Dentist office reviews can offer first person, honest review dentists from current and past patients. According to the dental ADA or American Dental Association, dentistry is a medicine committed to helping people obtain and maintain excellent oral health. More than just teeth and gums, a dentist must be able to diagnose and treat a range of oral conditions. It is important to note, however, that dentist office reviews include another key component; bedside manner.

As is the case with many branches of medicine, the path to dental licensure is long and harrowing. But there are more important components of dentist office reviews than whether or not your dentist went to a top school. Patient rapport and relationships that dentist office reviews can give you insight to are just as important.

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