Keep Appliances Running With Regular Maintenance

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Did you know that, over a span of 18 years, running a clothes dryer will cost you an average of $1,530? Appliances and energy costs can be expensive, and keeping costs at bay starts with effective maintenance. Aim for effective and affordable appliance repair that will keep dryers, stoves, refrigerators, garbage disposals, and more running as long as possible, without wasting energy. How can you maximize the efficiency of appliances in your home?

What Were the First Appliances Like?

Modern refrigeration units replaced the icebox. The icebox is exactly what it sounds like. An iceman would supply large blocks of ice every day. These chunks of ice were placed in an insulated icebox, and used to keep perishables cool. Although outdated, most Americans are still familiar with some of the first wood-burning or charcoal stoves. Even so, popularity of wood-burning and coal models began to suffer as early as 1930. That same year, gas-burning stoves outnumbered wood and cool stoves by two to one. These early models packed a large carbon footprint, consuming large amounts of non-recyclable, limited resources.

How Can You Save Energy Today?

Even today, kitchen appliances are notorious for wasting large amounts of energy. A typical oven uses 2,300 watts of energy, or up to $108, over the course of a year. Dishwashers are similarly costly, consuming up as many as 1,800 watts of energy. Homeowners can fend off costs with a few, simple tips and effective refrigerator repair, or kitchen and laundry room appliance repair. When transferring clothes from the washer into the dryer, for example, make sure to shake clothes out. This will prevent clothes from balling up, increase surface area, and clothes will dry better and faster, wasting less energy. Count on professionals to repair dryers, and help them last an average of 13-15 years.

Modern kitchen and laundry room appliances continue to use a lot of energy. Whether you want to sharpen garbage disposal blades, or repair dryers, professionals can help appliances last, and save energy, for as long as possible. Continue reading here.

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