Keeping Company Information Safe with a BES Security Policy

Blackberry mobile device management

Businesses that have their employees working with sensitive information and data may want to implement a BES security policy. A BES security policy allows companies to create some type of security protocol that allows employees to use their Blackberry, which as a QWERTY keyboard, or smartphone to check corporate email without having that information fall into the wrong hands.

Creating a Blackberry mobile device management policy is a ‘must have’ in today’s business world. This is a ‘must have’ policy because companies are relying more and more on BYOD programs, or bring your own device programs, and companies need to be able to control the flow of sensitive information and data. BYOD device programs have gained popularity because they help companies increase productivity, while lowering production costs and streamlining workflow.

A mobile device management program can help companies secure sensitive data by creating a variety of security protocols. These protocols can range from requiring a password to access sensitive information or emails, to only allowing authorized individuals to gain access to documents and information.

Implementing this type of BES security policy is fairly simple, even if individuals bring their own smartphones to work. All that needs to be done to implement a BES policy is a simple download of an app and the security protocols are in place.
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