Learn How to save Money Each Year by Changing the Motor Oil of Your Vehicle Yourself

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Motor oil is a valuable resource that can be recycled because it doesn’t wear out, it only gets dirty. In fact, the oil produced from a typical automobile oil change is so dirty that it could ruin a million gallons of freshwater. Regularly changing the motor oil in the engine of a vehicle is one of the best ways to keep an engine running smoothly. You can buy motor oil almost anywhere like at local corner stores, big grocery stores, and of course gas stations and auto repair shops. A good way to save money on motor oil, is to buy motor oil online in bulk.

Changing your own motor oil can save you a ton of money. Various motor oil types exist, depending on the different levels of viscosity that your car engine requires. The process of changing your oil isn’t as easy as it sounds — changing the oil yourself comes down to knowing exactly how much oil, and what kind of oil is going into your car. When changing your own motor oil, drain the old oil, and also replace the oil filter. You can find instructions on how to do this online, every car model has a different method for draining oil and changing the oil filter. Before adding the new oil, ensure that you’re adding the proper amount, too little oil in a car leads to high, dangerous engine temperatures. The owner’s manual for your vehicle will tell you how much oil your engine requires, and which type of motor oil to use. People often wonder “how often should I change my oil?” The answer varies depending on the vehicle, the motor oil being used and the owner’s driving habits. Some oil changes are required after every 3,000 miles, but some synthetic motor oils don’t need to be changed after as much as 15,000 miles.

Drivers in the United States produce about 1.3 billion gallons of motor oil used each year, and in 2009, 3.7 billion gallons (14 billion liters) of motor oil was used by vehicles around the world — so, recycling your own motor oil properly is very important. Most auto repair shops allow you to recycle your motor oil at their establishment. If you aren’t confident in changing your oil yourself, you should consider taking about 30-45mins out of your day to get it changed at a local auto repair shop or motor oil changing station. Read more here: www.motoroilmatters.org

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