Make Your Dinner Guests Eat With Their Eyes First

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Professional chefs go to a great deal of difficulty to produce food that not only tastes amazing, but also looks just as incredible. As you may have seen on television shows on channels like Food Network, presentation is usually half of a food competitors score. They often decorate plates with microgreens like kale, celery, broccoli, cucumber, and other lettuces. These greens are placed in particular areas of a dish to add color and vibrancy to the plating.

The tiny greens that result from micro green seeds add visual interest to any meal, as well as a distinct taste. They increase the freshness on a dinner plate, and can be a delicious way to bring nutrition to any meal. Micro green seeds are harvested soon after their leaves are fully grown, and must be handled with delicacy. Once they reach the public, they are ready to be used in any dish. Their strong flavor and aesthetic appeal makes them a popular choice for many chefs around the world.

Professional cooks also use edible flower petals and full flowers to entice a diner’s palette with visual appeal. Edible flowers can be safely consumed, and they come in a variety of colors, aromas, and sizes. They are used all around the world to add flavor to cuisines, and can be added to many dishes including seafood, soup, and salad. Many bakers opt to use edible flowers for cakes and cupcakes rather than sugar flowers, because they give the dessert an organic beauty that sugar flowers cannot offer. Edible flowers have also been used in drinks and teas, such as hibiscus and basil. If they are only used for decoration, these flowers can be preserved for later use by drying them, freezing them, or steeping them in oil.

If you are hosting a dinner party, consider using both microgreens and edible flowers to make your meal look exciting, professional, and more appetizing. The taste your guests will experience as a result will keep them coming back for more. Visit here for more information.

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