Pick the Perfect Eyewear for Your Face

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Do you need some help to pick the perfect eyewear? Often, we like to select the perfect frames when we are choosing our eyewear, but how much do you actually know about the eyeglasses, and the eye?

There is plenty of interesting info on the eye that many will find rather interesting. For instance, the human eye can process about 36,000 pieces of incoming information each hour. And the term “eagle eye” probably comes from the fact that an eagle can spot a rabbit from 1,760 yards. It would take a human, with glasses, at least 550 yards to see that rabbit.

The earliest pictures of eyeglasses are found in a 1352 portrait of the Cardinal Hugh de Provence reading a scriptorium. This portrait was painted by Tommaso da Modena. Other historical glasses include the monocle, lorgnette, scissor glasses, and the pince nez. Another interesting fact is that Senator Barry Goldwater and comedian Drew Carey continued to wear non prescription glass even after their vision was corrected after getting contacts or laser eye surgery. Perhaps one of the reasons is that they could pick the perfect eyewear that gave them an individual look.

When you want to determine the perfect frames, you will need to look at the shape of your face. To pick the perfect eyewear for an oval face, just about any selection will do because your face is balanced on the bottom and top. With a thin face, pick the perfect eyewear that has round or triangular shapes. This will help make your face appear fuller. Wide rectangular shapes will also work well with this face shape.

Those with a square face can pick the perfect eyewear that are round and feature thin metal frames. This will help soften the angles of the face. To pick the perfect eyewear for a full, round face, you should can wear rectangular frames for a softer look.

When you pick the perfect eyewear, you might want to add hydrophobic coatings. These coatings will make cleaning easier. The coating is also anti reflective and will help reduce glare, improve night vision, and make your eyes more visible.Find the rare gem in customer service excellence and find an optician and eyewear expert who can help you pick the perfect eyewear and options for you.
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