Reduce the Stress and Hassle of Long Distance Moving

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One of the most stressful and time consuming events that a person might ever experience is the long distance move. There are suggestions, though, that can make moving a lot easier, efficient, and less stressful. Although such tips, such as using a packing checklist, might seem like common sense and simple to do, they can make a huge difference when it comes to making your next long distance move go as smoothly as possible.

Since the winter is not the ideal time for putting your possessions, or yourself, at the mercy of potentially freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, June through September is generally regarded as moving season. It is during this time when the majority of the 30 plus million Americans move out of their old homes and into new ones.

Although the number of Americans who are moving has decreased steadily since the mid 1980s, approximately 43 million people relocated between 1999 and 2000. While numbers continue to decrease, there are still around 37 million people who move each year; and that is actually a slight increase over the 35 million who moved between 2007 and 2008. When compared with the number of Americans who became increasingly mobile between the 1940s and 1980s, it is possible that the decrease in moving might be attributed to the economy; and thus, many are deciding to stay put, because they are either unwilling, or unable, to foot expensive moving costs.

Regardless of the causes, there will always be those people who have no choice but to relocate due to factors outside of their control. Fortunately, whether people decide to move for a new job, or are ordered to make a military move, moving pods can make the entire process more efficient and less stressful.

For those who might be unfamiliar with pods moving containers, they are basically transportable steel storage units. Pods storage units can be rented for reasonable rates, and are delivered directly to their residences. When used for moving purposes, pods make it possible for customers to sort, pack, and load their possessions at their own pace. Ultimately, pods reduce the clutter that seems inherent to any move, and it does so with added efficiency.

The best part of renting pods for moving might be that it is akin to renting a moving truck, and loading it gradually over a certain number of days. Thus, when the day to move arrives, the company simply comes, loads the pods onto their truck, and transports them to destination.

Because items are packed so securely in pods, it is recommended that each member of the moving party pack one suitcase of their own necessities and belongs. This will make it easier to access important items in the event of an emergency. Aside from these a couple of personal suitcases, moving pods will keep everything else protected and secured from damage and theft for the length of the trip.

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  1. Dave Moss says:

    Pods are unbelievably helpful when moving. I just wish people would use them for that instead of living them on their front lawns for months on end!

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