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The first patent for an automated photography machine came in 1888 and was filed by Edward Poole and William Pope. Fast forward over a hundred years, there are now countless photo booth companies that provide photo booth rentals for a number of different occasions. One of the more common occasions where people seek a professional photo booth company is a wedding. The photo booth company will come to the reception with all the equipment necessary so that everyone can hop in and snap a few pictures whenever they would like to throughout the night. Photo booth rental for weddings is a fantastic idea as it provides endless entertainment and plenty of memories of your special night. Search for an established company so that you can rent a photo booth at an affordable cost.

The very first modern photo booth produced eight photos in around ten minutes and cost twenty five cents. The demand for photo booths has definitely increased and the quality of pictures has certainly improved which is why they are much more costly to use in present time. However, couples seeking a photo booth company for their wedding or parents that wish to rent from such service for a child birthday party are encouraged to search around as there are some affordable companies still out there. The best place to search for a top photo booth company is on the internet as there is everything from reviews to comparisons that can be made on company websites available.

A little camera history shows that roll film was created for Kodak by George Eastman which resulted in smaller inexpensive cameras for the middle class. Currently, the film roll has became almost extinct due to the digital cameras that have taken the market by storm over the last decade of so. The premiere digital camera was created with only 1.4 megapixels and the most expensive camera sold was the 1923 Leica that sold for nearly three million dollars. These are just some fun bits of historical information on cameras that help illustrate the development of where they were to the technological advancements seen today that are utilized by each photo booth company.

People that are interested in renting from a photo booth company should go online and research the ones available in their area in greater detail. The information that can be found on the internet should be enough to provide you with ample insight to make a quality decision on which rental service to go with. Enlist the services of a top photo booth company and enjoy the festivities while making memories at the same time.
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