Searching For A Job In Sales?

Sales and marketing headhunters

Are you looking to change career paths? Are you thinking that you may be perfect for a career in sales? A recruitment agency may be hiring sales reps in an area right near you! A recruitment firm looks for people that are outgoing, full of drive and initiative, and ready to sell, sell, sell!

Becoming a sales rep comes with expectations and responsibilities. Since 40 percent of sales professionals in North America miss quota and 22 percent are ultimately untrainable, recruitment agencies are looking to improve these statistics by hiring compatible new sales people. If you do not have any prior experience in sales, do not fear. The right recruitment firm will be glad to train you! By getting trained by that specific recruitment firm, you will have the advantage of being trained the way that recruitment firm wants their sales people to act and do their sales. A great sales and marketing representative will have relevant skills, aptitude, knowledge, qualifications and educational experience. The recruitment firm that chooses you will train you to give high level presentations, which many clients expect when being demonstrated a sales pitch.

While research shows that only 20 percent of sales leads are followed up on, that statistic is attempting to be improved. Many executive search agents have a wide range of personal contacts in their industry or specialty field, so impressing their clients is an accomplishment to strive for! Looking for a job in sales can only help you improve your life, so why not look for a recruitment agency today?

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