The Bug That Burrows Deep

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An emerald ash borer map depicts where these insects travel and where they can be found on a seasonal basis. And the emerald ash borer map is not pretty to look at. The epidemic of emeral ash borer is getting worse and emerald ash borer control is going to be a challenge that we will have to deal with for years into the future.

Already, the emerald ash borer beetle has killed millions and millions of trees in the United States. They burrow deep. And they kill all kinds of ash trees, ranging from the green ot the white black and blue ash trees. Typically, emerald ash borers are bright green, hence the name, though their abdomen and their wings on the underside or colored like copper. If you find an insect like that in your backyard, you want to erradicate them if you want to have any trees by the end of the spring.

The ash tree is not only an aesthetically pleasing tree, but it is an important food source for birds and mammals. That means that ash borer treatment is not just important for your backyard’s aesthetic purposes. It is important to ensure that the birds, mammals and eco system in general is capable of enduring.

If you have an emerald ash borer infestation, there are several methods for ensuring that the infestation will not spread. For example, you can prevent the ash borer from moving from one location to another by cutting firewood in the same general location that you intend to use it in. Nonetheless, sometimes you might need to import a special variety of wasp, known as the ash borer wasp, that is capable of destroying the ash borers breeding ground and reducing the number of eggs that it lays.

Everyone wants to follow through with low maintenance landscaping ideas, but these are not always available when the infestation comes. When it comes, you might be the only one who can resolve it.

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