The Details on Channel 4 Weather Buffalo

When it comes to getting information about news, traffic, local events, entertainment and more, many people turn to Channel 4 Buffalo. Channel 4 Buffalo NY has been operating since 1948. It was the first television station Buffalo had, and is the fifth oldest station in the state of New York. It has been at the top of regional rapings since 2007 and is solidly in first place. The station has won several Emmy awards, and Don Paul the local meterologist has been voted as the favorite television personality of Buffalo.

One reason Channel 4 weather Buffalo has probably been so popular is Don Paul. He has been a staple of Western New York information on weather for the past few decades and has received many accolades for his work, and he has long been the favorite weather reader for the area.

How else can channel 4 weather Buffalo be access? Channel 4 Buffalo weather can also be accessed through their online site, which is easy to navigate. They have an up front section with tabs for local, crime, photos, and featured news, and then in smaller font at the top of the site are tabs for news, weather, investigative, sports, video, traffic, money, health, entertainment, community, report it, and winging it. For those who do not feel like switching over to the tabbed area, there is a quick update icon section on the right hand side of the page. It has chanel 4 Buffalo weather information on the forecast, with option tabs on 7 day and radar. The quick reference icon includes temperature and precipitation information against an icon of the appearance of the waterfront skyline.

Other than channel 4 weather Buffalo, there is a lot of interesting options to explore that have nothing to do with the weather. One feature on their website front page that I found interesting was the option to look at the newest mug shots.

Recently, channel 4 weather Buffalo has received some light criticism from the Buffalo news, advising it to offer more education the younger anchors, while agreeing that they are quickly improving.

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