The Local News That is Relevant to You

Do you ever find yourself sitting around with the cable remote, flipping from station to station before just giving up and sighing that there is nothing to watch? If so, you are not alone. Although the typical cable television subscriber views hundreds of stations every week, the number of stations that they actually watched per week in 2010 was 11.3. And they watched at least one of those stations to get the same weather forecast they could have gotten for free via Chanel 4 Buffalo Weather.

Even though 11.3 station does not seem like much, especially when there are possibly hundreds of stations from which to choose, even that number is skewed. The fact is the typical American cable subscriber spends over 80 percent of their TV time watching five stations; and at least two of those stations include local networks like Channel 4 Buffalo NY. Of course, each of those station can be viewed without a cable subscription. By now you can probably see where this is going.

Given the fact that so many cable subscribers are only watching a handful of channels, why do they bother to spend 100 dollar per month or more on a service that they do not use? The best answer to that would be that it has become a habit, even if it is a wasteful habit.

Before cable television became so pervasive in the United States, people were fairly content watching their local stations like Channel 4 Buffalo NY. When cable arrived they no longer were limited to Buffalo Channel 4, and the novelty of having 57 channels at their finger tips was like being invited to an entertainment smorgasbord. It was like being allowed admittance into previously forbidden realms of television enchantment.

As with all new things, the novelty eventually wore off, viewers went back to their old favorites, but kept on paying those outrageous cable bills. Although some statistics show that thousands of Americans are finally seeing the light, forgo costly cable service, and turn to local television for all the entertainment they need. After all, you get the same information on Channel 4 Weather Buffalo as any cable weather channel.

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