The Story of Hawaii The Story of America

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Hawaii might be mostly known as a popular tourist destination, but the island chain is no less well known for its education tours, which is to say that Hawaii is one place that you can travel to if you want to familiarize yourself with the unique history of the island chain. For example, the Dole Plantation is one of the best places to have a vacation for the entire family, because of its unique features, such as its pineapple maze.

Of course, this is not the history of the island that is best known to most people in the region. For most people, the Dole plantation tour is nice, but it is not as familiar as such history as the Uss arizona tours, which have been going since President Eisenhower approved the Arizona as a memorial site in 1958.

It is here that traveling Americans can experience Pearl Harbor, that place drawn from the Hawaiian translation of the words Wai Nomi meaning Pearl Water. This is a name with actually meaning or significance. Some parts of Hawaii, like Oahu, have no apparent meaning other than the meaning of the word itself.

But all eight major islands of Hawaii have their own appeal and people make their travels there every year. Many people travel to Hawaii for a honeymoon or otherwise to take the USS Missouri tour or other education tours that can benefit themselves and their children. Many have had family members for whom Pearl Harbor carried great significance. As FDR said, it was a day that would live in infamy.

To know the history of Hawaii is to know the history of the modern United States. It is a large part of the American narrative. It might not have that appeal for everyone, and many of the people who travel to Hawaii will move away after a few years because of the island fever that sometimes sets in. Nonetheless, Hawaii will always be of significance for every American.

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  1. Molly Campell says:

    Hawaii is a good place to have a vacation too. You shouldn’t forget about that. Where else can you get a drink where you drink from a pineapple? Yes, I am sure you can get it in New York, but that isn’t the only place.

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