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Nobody moves to Buffalo for the weather. They move here in SPITE of the weather, to take advantage of all this great city has to offer, and to have the singular honor of calling yourself a resident of The Nickel City. But we do have to deal with the weather eventually. Luckily, Buffaloites can tune into Channel 4 Buffalo News for all the latest information, forecasts, warnings, and even weather related discussions.

    • Forecasts. Knowing how many layers to wear is an essential bit of info for every Buffalosian. Chanel 4 Buffalo weather can give you the heads up you need to plan your work week, your weekend, or your wardrobe. The Forecast Snapshot can give you an “at a glance” look at the weather for the next seven days, complete with highs, lows, expected rain, current conditions, and an evening outlook. Never let wing night get rained out again!


  • Warnings. Summer storms can crop up unexpectedly, but the Channel 4 Weather Buffalonians know and love handles updates with ease, thanks to the 4Warn Doppler system. Winter, however, is the time when Channel 4 Buffalo NY, and the surrounding areas work together best to stay on top of whatever Mother Nature can dish out. Get all the snow warnings, blizzard alerts, lake effect totals, and school closing info you need from the Buffalo Channel 4 weather team.
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  • Online Coverage. Tired of waiting for weather info at the top and bottom of each hour? Need more coverage? Then Channel 4 Buffalo weather online is just for you. Join all your fellow Buffalitos and Buffalitas who get their weather alerts, storm warnings, and breaking news sent straight to their smartphone or tablet. RSS feeds give you all the info you need, as it happens… which is right when you need it most.
  • Even though the weather is something we Buffaloistas have to deal with year round, we have never let it keep us down. And thanks to Channel 4 Buffalo weather, staying informed and alert in our fair city has never been easier.
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