There Are Two Often Overlooked Aspects to Home Decor You Should Consider

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There are two things, when it comes to home decoration, that get overlooked often. And it is a shame, because either one of them can spruce up the appearance of a room, make it more fun, and different, and even a little exciting.

One is mirrors, while the other is some form of home bar situation. Let me guess, you never really even considered either one of these as a part of an effective home decor before. But if you read on, you just might get some great ideas, and be inspired to change your home decoration soon.

  • Mirrors
  • Mirrors do not have to be just for looking into. You can also take advantage of their reflective surfaces for other purposes, such as reflecting light. One of my favorite uses for mirrors, like full length mirrors or frameless wall mirrors, is to find the windows in the home that face the east or west, and then place the mirrors on the wall opposite that window. That way, when the sun comes pouring in, it can hit the mirrors and fill the room with bright, natural, vibrant light. This is fantastic all year ’round, and really makes the sunrise and sunset truly beautiful to behold.

    Beveled mirrors can offer the same service. The only thing is that beveled mirrors to do not always come so large, but if you can strategically place the mirror, when the light hits it, the bevels refract and cause a beautiful light show to cascade throughout the room. Beveled mirrors can also be great for displaying things in front of. The many facets allow for multiple, angled images, and if it is a candle or colored glass that is in front of the mirror, the image behind it is really quite pretty.

  • Home Bars
  • If you can appreciate a good drink every now and then, if you take pride in your liquor collection, if you like to throw classy parties where everyone partakes in nice, fancy cocktails, then you absolutely need a home wet bar. What better way to serve and show off your extensive alcohol assortment?

    Or, if you are still a connoisseur of the fine spirits, but simply imbibe on a more personal level, more one-on-one with a close friend, all you may need is one of the fine home bar cabinets out there. It is a nice hutch with spots for all of the bottles, all of the right glasses and shakers, and drink accoutrements that you might need. Keeping it smaller scale, classy, and personal.

What do you think? Still convinced that mirrors and home bars are not important parts of decorating your house? What it comes down to is that your home really is not complete without these things. Sure, a bar is specific, you may poo-poo that idea. But everyone could use mirrors to brighten and warm up any room in the house. So consider including either, or both, of these ideas into the remodel that you have planned. Or just go out and get them now! More.

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