Three Common Types of Heating and Cooling Systems

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Did you know that China is expected to surpass the United States in electricity consumption for air conditioning by 2020? In fact, China experiences a 20% growth in air conditioning sales every year. Although heating and cooling systems come standard in many homes, there are numerous heating and cooling units to choose from. Since each HVAC system has its own advantages, it is important to determine which option will be best for your home.

1. Forced air heating. This is the most common type of heating system, as it is present in approximately 60% of American homes. Air is heated in the furnace and then distributed throughout the home using ducts. This is a popular heating method because it is effective at delivering heat to nearly every room in the house, and some forced air heating units even have the ability to filter and dehumidify the air, as well.

2. Radiator heating. Radiators have been used to heat homes since they were first invented in the 1850s. Most radiators use hot water to create steam, and the steam heats the room in which the radiator is located. Radiators are an effective way to comfortably heat homes, but their bulky appearance has caused them to become overshadowed by more subtle heating systems, such as forced air heating.

3. Central air. There are two major types of central air conditioners that people generally use. A reciprocating compressor unit uses pistons to deliver the air at high pressure, while a double scroll compressor unit uses suction to deliver the air in a continuous motion. Both types of air conditioning systems are susceptible to losing their cooling capacity, though, and the most common cause of this is dirty evaporator coils.

There are several types of heating and cooling systems available, and each one will heat or cool your home in a different way. Forced air furnaces and radiators are two common types of heating methods, while central air conditioners are commonly used to cool homes. By determining which heating and cooling systems are best, your home will be heated and cooled in the most effective ways possible. See this reference for more: Furnace service chicago

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