Use This Guide to Be Better Prepared for Your Cross Country Move

Cross country moving

Your life can change drastically in an instant. Corporate relocations, a military moves, family, or just a new opportunity can mean the need for a cross country move. Whatever the reason, long distance moving is something that almost everyone will have to do at one point in their lives, if they have not done so already. When that time comes, you want to be prepared so that what should be an exciting occasion does not turn into a nightmare. Here are three things you should focus on in order to prepare for your big move.

  1. Long distance moving options.
  2. There are more moving options available today than when you were younger. Your only options used to be hiring movers or renting a van, but these days you can rent pods, which you pack at your leisure and which are safely transported by professionals. You can also pack trucks and have professionals do the driving, or use some other combination of those main activities. Ask friends and family to determine what they found easiest, and look for a moving option that makes sense for your particular situation.

  3. Long distance moving tips.
  4. To make your cross country move as smooth as possible, do what you can to get rid of as many of your personal possessions as possible, as long as they are no longer needed. Hold a moving sale on Friday or Saturday, as soon as you can. The less you have to move, the easier the move will be. Also, start accumulating valuable packing materials, like labels, markers, scissors, bubble wrap, newspapers, boxes, and packing tape. There are few things more infuriating than trying to pack without having adequate supplies.

  5. Long distance moving rates.
  6. A cross country move is particularly stressful, because the farther you move, the more it tends to cost. When you start to look at companies either to rent a truck or pod from, getting a rate could be as simple as inputting your start and end location, how many rooms you are moving, and your departure and arrival dates. For example, moving a three bedroom house from New York City to Los Angeles, and making the reservation at least 4 months out, resulted in a quote of approximately $5,000 with a company that handles the driving when you handle the packing. It is important to note that a change in date, even by a few days, can change your rate considerably, as can adding on or taking off services such as help with packing or unpacking.

Carefully consider your moving options, make use of all the tips you can find, and gather and compare rates so that you can be prepared for a stress-free move. Moving across the country will never be as easy as moving right across town, but it can be easier than you thought with just a little preparation.

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