Visit Urgent Care Centers for a More Convenient Health Care Experience

Newark walk in clinic

In the United States, there are already 9,000 urgent care centers, and that number is consistently increasing. Perhaps that is because Fremont urgent care centers offer a great alternative to the emergency room. Almost two thirds of urgent care facilities feature a mix of physicians and nurse practitioners, and 65 percent always have a physician on site. When in need of urgent care Fremont CA residents might first thing of the ER. However, the services and convenience that Fremont urgent care centers provide make them a great option.

Though they might not offer all of the treatments as an ER, Fremont urgent care centers specialize on the evaluation and treatment of conditions that arise acutely for nearly any patient, and are providing lab services, x rays, and physicals more often. That means that there are few issues an individual might have that can not be treated at a Newark urgent care center. So whether someone has a broken arm or serious cold, heading to a Fremont urgent care will help them get the diagnoses and treatments they need.

A study by the CDC found that 48 percent of adult ER patients said they visited the ER because the offices of their physicians were closed. If they were not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, a Fremont urgent care center might have been a better alternative. On top of that, $4.4 billion in health care costs could be saved every year if one in five visits to ERs were made to Fremont urgent care centers instead, according to a 2010 Rand Corporation study. The financial savings are just another advantage of the centers for urgent care milpitas offers.

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