What to Do About Dark Gums

Brown gums

If you have dark gums, you know how embarrassing it can be to smile. This is caused by excess melanin in your gums, making it more common in people with African or Middle Eastern heritage. Discolored gums can have just as big an impact on your appearance as yellow teeth. However, this is not as easy to remedy as simply taking better care of your mouth. Melanin is not something that can be brushed away.

Some people take it upon themselves to fix this problem by attempting a gum bleaching at home. This process is expensive and the results are not consistent. Many others employ cosmetic dentistry services. These practices deal with everything from teeth straightening to dental surgery, so they seem like the right choice. However, most cosmetic dentistry services use periodontic tissue grafting which is highly invasive, painful, and has a long recovery period.

There is a new treatment, however, that is miles ahead of your other options. New york laser gum treatment can now be found at the most advanced cosmetic dentistry services. This procedure lasts about an hour, is virtually pain free, and generally requires only a few sessions to achieve longer lasting results with a quick and relatively comfortable recovery period. It works by directing special lasers at your gums set to a predetermined power level to ensure your comfort.

If you hold back your smile because of how your gums look, there is a solution for you. Laser gum pigmentation is simpler, faster, and more comfortable than grafting or bleaching. It will give you the results you want so you never have to hold back again.

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