Worry Free Bottleless Water Coolers

Filtered bottleless water cooler

Did you know there are four major municipalities that banned the use of government money to buy bottled water? These four municipalities include New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Cook County in Chicago. The good news is there are alternatives for cool purified drinking water that do not involve bottled water coolers. You can find filtered water coolers online that do not require a bottle system. Bottleless water coolers are attractive for residential, commercial and government applications. Filtered water coolers are units that connect directly to a building’s water supply. A sophisticated filtration system filters the building’s water supply and chills or heats the water as needed.

As more organizations adopt filtered water coolers over bottled water systems, the sales of bottle water will begin to decrease. In 2011 alone, the sales of bottled water units reached over 9 billion gallons of water. The Beverage Marketing Corp discovered each person drank almost 30 gallons of water from the 9 billion gallons of water sold in 2011. A bottleless water dispenser does not require the need to lift heavy water bottles, which is another reason why filtered water coolers are an attractive option for clean purified water. The government regulates how many organisms are safe in your drinking water. Tufts University found their bottled water coolers contained four times the allotted amount of organisms. Be sure to check out point of use water cooler systems as well.

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